Leaning on Love

Summer harvest: five beautiful 'Bolas all in a row.

Quick Queries for Long Thought: What if we were to accept what author and spirited “soul” sister, Marianne Williamson, writes of as “the ultimate spiritual invitation?”

What if we were to accept the Divine’s invitation to “count it all as love” and put all the rest (envy, frustration, anger, helplessness, confusion, guilt, blame, shame…) in observation hold?

What if we acknowledged our less-than-lovely emotions without claiming them? What if we felt them but resisted the habit of becoming them?

What if, instead, we CHOSE to become anything and everything that reflects permanence: Divine Love?

What if we trained ourselves, through study and stated intention and plenty-a prayer, to view ourselves through a divine love lens?

What if, then, we viewed ourselves as miracles: magnificent, precious and powerful, and disowned the thoughts and urges that minimize our birthright to greatness?

Wouldn’t we feel, and live, and be, different?

Friends and family, this invitation to lean fully on love comes daily and, recently, I said, “YES!”

Every day, several times a day, I ask the Holy Spirit, the One, the Divine, the Most High, Big Mama, Allah, the Creator, God/dess…to take possession of my pains, to remind me of my strengths, to honor my request for what Williamson calls a “miracle: a shift in perception.” I ask to see the other sides of an issue, a hurt, an experience and accept the lessons laced in each.

Instead of ease, I request education.
Instead of denial, I seek depth.
Instead of worry, I pray for willpower.
Instead of simplicity, I ask for serenity.
Instead of self-righteousness, I await revelation.

And, it comes, ya’ll! Insight comes, carrying peace on piggyback – whenever I ask.
Every single time it arrives on divine time.

My Sunday meditation: Be gentle with yourself, Precious! Miracles are always just a prayer away.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Gloria Ivy
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 04:13:31

    Taz: This blog is simply beatiful. God gave you such a marvelous gift; the gift of words, and you use them so creatively and eloquently. I am truly grateful that you and Zubie have chosen to share this wonderful life experience with your family and friends. We are all blessed by it.

    Love you much
    Mama Ivy


  2. Panya
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 15:04:40

    This is taking me back to so many beautiful shared moments many years ago, outside SAPES, Chimanimani, host family homes. I am overjoyed to share another moment with you and your family. Yes, you/they are a miracle! Thank you for this — I’m carrying a smile with me today. — Panya


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